Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"You look like you work here!" (Dad)

my first blob! contrary to a portion of kicking and screaming had, i am very much excited to go to the kong. because really, who doesn't like not working for 2 weeks and eating copious amounts of food that send you to the john every other hour? let's get right to it. 

this post will be exuberantly laden with pictures (someone got a new itouch, and someone can't stop playing with it...hold your comments perverts). also, the "first day" really was a 26-hour period of time that included 1 bus ride to new york, a train ride to newark international airport, and 3 connecting flights to HK. and yes- i actually made all call times promptly.

so, for those of you that don't know, mom and dad are ballers and treated yours truly to a first class experience. my first first class experience being- picking up a ladyfinger in the EVA premium lounge and my father telling me that "it looks like you work here!". this being the newark airport- it paled in comparison the taipei's lounge. those chinamen know what they're doing.

mama li sent me my several menu options to choose from a couple weeks ago. so i somewhat knew what i was getting into- but this is meal no.1 of 2,437. so i chose "Noodle with Beef Sliced in Oyster Sauce" for dinner. it was accompanied with a sesame cucumber salad and a shredded chicken with bamboo pith soup (this thing was loaded with cilantro and abalone- it was retarded gewd). an overall excellent meal of many- i only wish that there was sriracha on hand. why don't they sell that stuff in travel-size packets like taco bell???

a sidenote...the theme of this flight is "Jess Li is an alcoholic who can speak Chinese". at least 20 minutes before they served my meal they asked me what beer, wine, or cocktail i wanted with my dinner. oddly, i wasn't prepared for this so i told them red wine was fine. my mother noted that i'm the only one they asked. a keen observation. not so keen- (upon entering our first plane to anchorage, alaska) the stewardess immediately starts speaking mandarin to me as i board. i'm seating myself next to my mother and i note that this might be an ongoing nonissue throughout the trip. 

mom: oh nah, everyone speaks english to you here- you'll be fine.
me: except that i don't look like i speak english to them.
mom: oh. i forgot you're not white.

me too, mom.

next song.


  1. this is fun! keeep me posted on shit :)

  2. next FUCKING song!!!

    asher- don't come here. there are so many girls here in school uniforms your penis would explode.

  3. Welcome to the blob world, Jet! This meal beats the hell out of what I just got flying from London to Boston. I wasn't fancy-ass first class though. Can't wait to see what's next.

  4. "Oh, I forgot you're not white." ?!?!? DOOOD.
    Mama Li doesn't drink? For reals?!
    Bring her her to The Bean so we can try to amend that sheet. BLOB ON!

  5. 2 weeks! who is taking over delux?!

  6. thanks for the cheer section guys!-- i can't imagine what a meal would be like form london to boston. beans and black sausage? yikes. mama li had a glass of plum wine dinner. i don't think we can take her for a plum wine tour in the bean (can we?). and i believe tonight jenny (aka nasty squirrel) will be on and splits next week! yah dude- rock on.

  7. beans and black sausage...that pretty much sums up your whole life, no?