Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One Cont., Part II (fRight day)

still getting a hang of this blobbing thing- so my last entry was cut short. picking up 756 meals after i left off during our flight, we have:

two words. pork. belly.

even better- it was for my congee. get ready for the congee bonanza! i love congee almost as much as i love taco bell. almost. that was "second dinner" or "early breakfast" or "afternoon tea"....really, at that point i had lost track. also, they were interspersed throughout a few stops. like taipei.

china is mostly what i envisioned. fashion forward, tech-savvy, and screaming hello kitty from every korner (*typo- keeping it). the hello kitty was just too expected and fantastical, therefore leaving the other aesthetic details of the taipei airport to the wayside:

sorry taipei toiletway entries. you are voted off the island by a pussy.....(i know that was stupid but i'm leaving it too).

the EVA airways lounge in taipei was pretty ridiculous. equipped with the traditional chinese fewds and drink, which of course included my aforementioned favorite:



brandon, camilo, and fellow late-night offendees- i swear i won't put this in a plastic bag, lug it across international borders, and make you eat it out of a coffee cup. all the jimjams in the first image include dried pork fibers, hard-boiled eggs (NOT thousand year old eggs, which is my preference), seaweed salad, boiled peanuts, and something unidentifiable and mushy. the end result is all that shit in a bowl and an uncomfortable ride from taipei to hong kong for me. and for the record- despite its ample, free availability, i did not drink this:

i believe at the newark airport, the only available hooch was box wine and bud. just kidding. sort of.

they also had an xbox room in the lounge. which prompted me to ask dad if i could bring the dreamcast back to boston when i came home. i have yet to receive an answer (*hint, hint, nudge, nudge*). let's blow this popsicle stand! here's our plane bitches!

BOOM- roasted! li out!


  1. Jet you started a blob! I am so excited. I love it.

  2. i think you should add "Anal" to the label section.